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Dreamworks Dental Savings Plan

Dreamworks Dental & Orthodontics has created a dental savings plan with the patient in mind. We never want our patients to avoid necessary treatment because of the rising costs of dental care. Now, patients can receive exceptional quality dental care at a reduced cost. Patients will receive the same level treatment as those with insurance but at significant savings.

The Dreamworks Savings Plan (DSP) is not an insurance plan, but rather a dental savings plan. The annual membership plan fee for the DSP is $250 for individuals, and $500 for a family, up to 4 members.

The Dental Savings Plan includes exams, x-rays, basic cleaning twice a year, AND FREE WHITENING once a year. Patients will also have access to treatment not typically covered by some insurance companies such as cosmetic procedures and orthodontics! (*Family = two adults & two children, or one adult and three children.)

  • Single Savings Plan

  • Savings Plan for one person
  • Coverage is good for one full year
  • $250

  • Family Savings Plan

  • Savings Plan for a family (up to 4 members)
  • Coverage is good for one full year
  • $500

How Much Will You Save With Dreamworks Dental Savings Plan?

Dental Savings Plan
Office Fee
Dental Savings Plan
Your Savings
Comprehensive Oral Exam
Full Mouth X-Rays
Panoramic X-Rays
Bitewing X-Rays – 4 films
Bitewing X-Rays – 2 films
Basic Dental Cleaning, twice a year
Teeth Whitening, once a year
Major Dental work including All Porcelain Crowns, Root Canal, Dentures, Partials, 3 Unit Bridge, Surgical Extractions, Implants and Traditional Braces
25% discount
Unlimited Savings

Without Insurance You Will Have To Pay High Fees. Why Not Save More For Services You Need?

Without doing major dental work, you will save at least $394 for single and over $2000 for the family plan! You will receive significant savings for major dental care when you need it the most!

Unlimited Savings

Save 25% off our regular service fee for most services, including traditional braces!

No Deductibles

Start saving immediately. There’s no deductible to meet!

Immediate Coverage

Purchase NOW and your coverage starts NOW! There’s not waiting period.

All Services

Receive Access to all our dental services at significant savings.


Receive Access to our dentists and orthodontists.

Annual Checkups

Enjoy 2 checkups each year (included)


Full mouth x-rays (included)

Additional X-Rays

Bitewing X-Rays – 4 films & 2 films (included)

Teeth Whitening

Annual teeth whitening (included)

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