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Pain Free Dentistry – Experience At Our Offices

Can we really offer pain free dentistry at our offices? Yes, it’s possible! Introducing Waterlase Laser Dentistry in all our locations in Arlington, Dallas, Irving, and Fort Worth.

Our offices are equipped with advanced tools to help eliminate pain from your normal visit. We offer Waterlase Laser Dentistry for common dental needs. This is a gentle and non-invasive method to perform care on your teeth. The Waterlase Laser Dentistry could be used to treat cavities and major dental work without an injection or the use of dental drills!

Here are a few benefits using the Waterlase Laser Dentistry:

  • Pain Free Dentistry – The Waterlase Laser Dentistry uses laser and water to perform a wide range of dental procedures and eliminate drills and needles for most procedures. The gentle laser and water combination eliminates the need to get anesthesia!
  • Precision – The laser and water combination is more effective in removing decay and cleans better than traditional dental methods, reducing your time at the dental chair.
  • Faster Healing – Since Waterlase Laser Dentistry minimizes contact to the gums surrounding the teeth, you’ll have less swelling and faster recovering time.
  • Gentle Enough For Children – We love children and we want to make them feel comfortable. The Waterlase will eliminate pain from most procedures, resulting in happier children and eliminate their fear with dental visits!

Please contact our offices in Arlington, Dallas, Irving, or Fort Worth to see if the Waterlase is right for you.


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How Does The Waterlase Laser Dentistry Work?

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