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Dentistry For Kids

At Dreamworks Dental & Orthodontics, we believe in preventive care to ensure your child’s smile is as healthy as it can be. Your child’s teeth will be the foundation of their adult teeth which is why it is important to care for them as early as possible. It is important for kids to develop healthy oral habits that will help them progress into adulthood. We recommend parents being on top of their childs oral health care to avoid serious plaque build up. Parents can expect during their child’s early dental visits to consist of:

  • At the age of 1, your child should visit a dentist for a short examination. This first visit to the dentist should be a positive experience for the child to develop a healthy attitude towards the dentist. Check for any problems with the child’s dental development. X-rays might be taken to know the child’s dental status.
  • Most Children usually have their first dental X-rays taken by age 5 or 6. Although some children may require X-rays be taken earlier if the child is at a higher risk for dental decay. This will allow the dentist to see any abnormal development or possibly no development of permanent teeth. The parented should also be oriented on the right oral health care for their child.

Our highly-skilled dentists are brilliant at spotting any signs of tooth decay or cavities in our pediatric patients. At Dreamworks Dental & Orthodontics, we have state of the art technology to ensure your child’s dental experience is comfortable and painless. Our pediatric dentists and specialists are experts at making sure your child receives the best dental care leading up to their adult life. We focus on every aspect dental care so that your child can smile with full happiness.

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